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Work from Home – Unwanted Effects

The pandemic has brought people to the point where either they want it or not – they have to spend more time at home. In order to survive many Businesses organized into Home Offices.

Work, entertainment – everything migrated to the Internet. As a result, the brain works harder than before, but the body does not. Physical inaction takes over and becomes an enemy with serious consequences.

A long, monotonous working day has a negative effect primarily on the spine. Stress on a specific spinal column with relaxed muscles at this time can exacerbate chronic problems – such as sprains and hernias between the vertebral discs. It is very important to periodically change the position of your body, stand up, and take short walks. When seated try to maintain the physiological curves of the spine, especially the lumbar spine. To do this, I recommend placing an orthopedic pillow under your back, or even better you can invest in a suitable chair.

Even the laziest of us usually have to change activities on the way to work and home. The subway, going up and down stairs, and even driving a car make different muscle groups work. The lack of these simple exercises has a negative impact.

Many home workers have to deal with inconvenient home workspace, after all, it’s your home and it is not your office. You need to put up some work/creativity to make it comfortable, healthy, and efficient for you.

Give yourself a chance to your muscles. During the lunch break don’t just move from the chair to the couch. Take the trash out, check the beautiful girl or man behind the counter at the nearby store, make happy your pet by taking him/her out, or simply exercise at home. Be active and fight for your body!

Working from home during a pandemic is vastly different than usual and it is not for everyone. Side effects such: as loneliness, isolation, stress, insomnia, and depressive symptoms are not unusual and should be taken into consideration.

It is very important that both employers and employees understand that and create a much better environment. The employer should encourage their employees to take breaks, a tired person/ employee is usually not a productive one, and the chances of mistakes are higher.

Good mental health promotes good physical health, therefore involve yourself in dancing, yoga, or another activity you like. Nowadays it is essential to escape the virtual world, exercise, or just meet people face to face.

Working from Home has also its advantages we might present in another article.

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