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What You Can Do To Reduce Spam In Your Inbox & Improve Your Email Security

What the Heck is Email Spam and how to reduce spam in your inbox?

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Reduce Spam In Your Inbox

Have you ever opened your inbox and felt like you were drowning in a sea of unwanted messages? That’s email spam, my friend. It’s those pesky messages that flood your inbox with offers for dubious products, links to viruses, and requests for your personal information. But fear not! You can filter out the spam and keep your inbox clean and tidy.

Spam is the equivalent of junk mail on the internet. Spam is an e-mail communication delivered to people without their permission or agreement. Recipients’ addresses are frequently taken from Usenet postings or web pages, acquired from databases, or simply guessed using common names and domains.

Spam is sent to promote practically any product or service ranging from “Adult” products to logo design for websites. It is also used by hackers to spread viruses or links to dangerous websites used to gather your personal information like credit card details or passwords for sites like eBay or PayPal. To the average user, these messages appear genuine. Even the link has a genuine-looking domain name. This technique is known as “Phishing.”

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Here are some clever tactics and practices you can start using right away to reduce spam and improve your email security

✔️ Set up your anti-virus software to scan any incoming email for infections automatically. Malicious malware is still routinely distributed over email. Ensure that your anti-virus software definitions are current.

✔️ If you are someone that frequently signs up for “freebies” or other stuff on the internet start using a separate e-mail account just for this purpose. Accounts from providers like Yahoo!, and Google’s Gmail all come with generous storage as standard.

✔️ If sites don’t accept free e-mail addresses from the services listed above then use a free disposable email service.

✔️ If you are posting your email to a blog or your website then submit it in a way that is only recognizable to a human. For example, if your email is then post it as “johnsmith at”.

✔️ Never open a message from an address you do not recognize – always delete it straight away. This is especially so if there is an attachment. Never reply to a message as this only confirms the email address is “live” to the spammers.

✔️ Here’s what you should do if you receive an official-looking message from your bank, eBay, or another site that you’re not convinced is legitimate. Log in to the site normally through your browser instead of clicking on the link embedded in the email. When you log in, you should get a notification if there are any actual major issues. If feasible, contact the site’s customer care department via phone.

Below are some more Tips for Ditching the Spam

  1. Say No to Spam with Filters: Fight back against spam with the power of filters! Most email services offer spam filters that automatically detect and sort spam messages into a separate folder. You can also customize your filters to block specific senders or keywords.
  2. Keep Your Email Address on the Down-Low: Don’t be a spam magnet! Keep your email address private by avoiding sharing it on public websites or social media platforms. That way, cybercriminals can’t scoop up your email address and spam you to oblivion.
  3. Don’t Feed the Trolls: Whatever you do, don’t respond to spam messages. It’s like feeding the trolls – it only encourages them to keep spamming you. Instead, mark the message as spam or delete it immediately.
  4. Opt-Out of Mailing Lists: If you’re getting unwanted emails from mailing lists or newsletters, opt-out by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message. That way, you can reduce the number of unwanted emails you receive and free up space in your inbox for the good stuff.
  5. Disposable Email Addresses for the Win: Sometimes, you just need a throwaway email address for those one-time registrations or to avoid spam. Try using disposable email addresses instead of your primary ones to keep the spam at bay.
  1. The Password is Strong with This One: Use the power of the force (and strong passwords) to keep your email account secure. Create a unique password that uses a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. And for the love of Yoda, don’t use “password” as your password!
  2. Double-Down on Security: Two-factor authentication is like having a Jedi Master watching your back. It adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of identification, such as a code sent to your phone. Use it, you must.
  3. Update Your Software, You Must: Keep your email client and antivirus software updated to protect against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Don’t let the Dark Side of the internet win!
  4. The Phishing is Strong with This One: Be wary of phishing scams, young Padawan. These are emails that try to trick you into revealing sensitive information, like your passwords or credit card numbers. Don’t click on links or download attachments from unknown senders. And always question the motives of anyone trying to convince you to send them money, even if they’re dressed like a Jedi.
  5. Verify the Sender, You Must: Before responding to an email, make sure you know who you’re dealing with. Check the sender’s email address and any other details provided in the message. Cybercriminals often use fake email addresses to trick you, so trust your instincts and be cautious.


In conclusion, don’t let spam and cybercriminals defeat you. Use the power of filters, keep your email address private, and don’t respond to spam messages. And to boost your email security, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, keep your software updated, and be cautious of phishing scams. Remember, the force is strong with you and your inbox – you have the power to keep it clean and secure. So go forth, young Padawan, and may the force be with you.

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