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The Real Reason Facebook Changed Its Name

So, what is The Real Reason Facebook Changed Its Name?

The name change comes at a time when the company is focusing on the “metaverse”, but also at a time when it is under close scrutiny by legislators and regulators in many countries following revelations that have drawn public attention to the damage done by its virtual platforms cause in the real world.

The name change only affects the parent company, not the individual platforms it owns, such as the social networks Facebook and Instagram or the WhatsApp mobile app.

The company also changed its logo in front of its California headquarters. Until now, it was an image of a hand with a thumb raised. The new logo is a sign of infinity in blue.

Mark Zuckerberg said, that the new name is inspired by the Greek word “meta”, which means “beyond”. “For me, it’s a symbol that there’s always more to build”

According to Zuckerberg, the move was made to promote a new “metaverse” in which users may do anything from work out, to socialize, to play games in a large virtual reality realm called the Metaverse.
However, the huge revelation comes as politicians express their displeasure with the company’s near-monopolistic dominance and the algorithms that have been used to harm others.

The renaming may be somewhat an attempt to repair Facebook’s reputation and start fresh after a series of blows to the company’s image, including misinformation on its platforms and failure to moderate published content the right way.

Many people believe that this alteration was made to distract people from the noise.

But I believe that was just luck of the draw, as major events need a great deal of forethought.

I believe the true reason is that Facebook wants to remain current and fashionable, rather than becoming what they’ve become: an old social media behemoth with a public relations issue.

The New World of “Meta” seems less pretentious than Facebook and more interesting.

A poll shows that many Americans disapprove of Facebook’s decision to change its name to Meta. According to a survey by Morning Consult, 39 percent of participants negatively assessed the renaming of the company. Only 25 percent fully approve of the change, and 32 percent say they rather approve it. According to 51 percent of respondents, the renaming of Facebook is an attempt to influence the company’s media image after the scandals in which it was involved recently. And 54 percent have a negative attitude toward Zuckerberg. Only the change in the company’s logo is relatively well-received by Americans – 32 percent are positive about the new logo, and 30 percent disapprove of it.

Final thoughts

“Our mission remains the same. It’s still about bringing people together,” In his final comments, Zuckerberg remarked.

He’s undoubtedly bringing people together, but let’s hope they’re doing this for the right reasons, and that they’re protected in the virtual world just as much as they are in the actual world. Because the two are becoming increasingly entwined.

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