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Steps to Use Expired Domain Names and Deleted Domains

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Steps to Use Expired Domain Names and Deleted Domains

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what expired and deleted domain names are.

Expired domain names are domain names that are no longer in use or have not been renewed by the owner. When a domain name expires, it becomes available for registration by anyone. Deleted domain names, on the other hand, are domain names that have been completely removed from the registry and can no longer be registered by anyone. These domain names are usually released back into the market after a grace period, during which the previous owner may still have the chance to reclaim the domain name.

So, have you ever searched your favorite search engine for “expired domain”, “domain names”, and/or “deleted domain names”? Well, if you have recently been scouring the internet for well-used domain names, then this idea may help. By following these 3 steps on how to use expired domain names you will soon be on your way to domain name reseller success.

1. Start a free general website directory in order to accept free link submissions manual or automated. You can get free or open-source website directory scripts at script directories such as, and, or ask members of forums to help you find the best and most webmaster-friendly directory script.

2. Be prepared to receive lots of junk sites new and old. The junk sites will soon be to your advantage because the webmaster will soon give up on the site.

3. Every week or month run the validate feature that your website links directory script comes along with. You’ll be surprised how many of the junk sites you accept in your directory have expired or are no longer running and will soon be an expired domain name. Remember, the domain name of that expired site is what we’re interested in. The webmaster that owned the promoted and we’re assuming that the webmaster’s site will soon gain a Google page rank of 1 or better. Therefore, one site owner’s trash will be a domain name reseller’s internet treasure.

The more popular your free general website links directory is, the more junk website submissions you’ll receive, and the better your chances at expired domain name reseller success will be. If you follow the above steps, you can’t go wrong. Domain names expire on a daily basis and many webmasters chasing the dream of owning a profitable website will fail. Be there for the opportunities that will open up in reselling domain names. Good luck with your new domain name buying and selling business.

Now, Did you know that you can take advantage of expired and deleted domain names to improve your website’s SEO and drive traffic to your site as well?

Here’s how to do it!

Step 1: Find Expired and Deleted Domains

The first step to using expired and deleted domains is to find them. There are many ways to find expired domains, including using domain auction websites, domain scraping tools, and expired domain marketplaces. Some popular domain auction websites include GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, and Flippa. These sites allow you to search for expired and deleted domain names and bid on them. Domain scraping tools like and Domain Hunter Gatherer can also help you find expired and deleted domain names based on your specific search criteria.

Step 2: Analyze the Domain

Once you have found a domain name that you are interested in, the next step is to analyze it. You want to make sure that the domain name has a good backlink profile, is not penalized by search engines, and has a good domain authority. There are various tools available, such as Moz, Ahrefs, and Majestic, that can help you analyze a domain name’s backlink profile and domain authority. You can also use Google’s search console to check if the domain name has any penalties.

Step 3: Purchase the Domain Name

After analyzing the domain name, the next step is to purchase it. You can purchase an expired domain name through a domain auction website or a domain marketplace. The cost of an expired domain name varies depending on its backlink profile, domain authority, and traffic.

Step 4: Redirect the Domain

Once you have purchased the domain name, the next step is to redirect it to your website. Redirecting the domain name to your website will help transfer the backlinks and traffic from the expired domain name to your website. This will help improve your website’s SEO and increase your website’s traffic.


Finally, utilizing expired and deleted domain names is an amazing strategy to boost your website’s SEO and increase visitors to your website. You may use the current traffic and link juice to boost the search engine ranking of your website by discovering expired domains with a strong backlink profile, buying them, examining their backlink profile and domain authority, and rerouting them to your website. It’s important to keep in mind that not all deleted or expired domain names are appropriate for your website, so you should research them carefully before making a purchase. You may utilize deleted and expired domain names to your advantage and enhance the internet presence of your website by following the instructions provided in this article.

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