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inVideo Review

I usually don’t do reviews on this blog but couldn’t pass this one.

I wanted to add some videos to my content and tried some different software here and there, but I never found the right one.

Scrolling through different reviews on google, I was looking for something with a high rating and found inVideo. The software had over 200+ 5 star reviews, so I’ve decided to try it myself.

So, what is inVideo

inVideo Review

InVideo is a video marketing software that will assist you to make exciting clips of all kinds. You can make videos by visiting the official website and using blank templates or pre-made templates. In addition to this, there is absolutely no technical knowledge needed to make videos using this platform. 

The platform is used by media companies, small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs who want to foster engagement through their video content.


inVideo Review

The interface is easy and friendly to use. InVideo enables you to create videos with simplicity and a professional appearance. They’re very useful for marketing campaigns, presentations, and other promotional activities. Because they offer a large variety of templates to build what you want, this platform makes creating instructive videos extremely straightforward.

The platform is intuitive and yet very advanced. The main advantage of the platform is that newbies can create stunning videos extremely easily, without the need to use heavy and difficult editing programs. You can simply begin by searching the categories, and you can find something that suffices your requirements. Everything is customizable, and you can include elements to your liking. You can add stickers, text boxes, videos, your own photos, or absolutely anything you like.


inVideo Review

InVideo video editor has 3 plans available. You can start using it for Free and export up to 60 videos per month. All you need to do is to sign up. The only drawback is that with the free plan, they will have a watermark. Then you have the business and the unlimited plans.

I personally stick with the business plan, which is more than enough for my needs. Like it is in the free plan, you can upload up to 60 HD videos per month. The major difference between the free and the business plan is that you have the watermark removed once you’ve upgraded.

With the unlimited plan, you can create and export as many videos as you want.

Now…… here is the thing about the pricing, you can basically save a bit of money. If you go for an annual subscription you can save 50% on both, business and unlimited plans.

What I can recommend is to try the platform for a month on the free plan to see how it goes and then to decide if you need to upgrade to an annual subscription.

*Storyteller videos

InVideo’s Storyteller clips are ideal for use with blog articles, and other longer-form material. They can be used as a fast presentation of the listed items or as a video summary of the content. When aiming to retain visitors to your website, this might be beneficial. As a result of the increased stay time, you will observe an increase in SEO.

*The Library

The media library is comparable to other platforms, but their biggest benefit is how many Premium footages you can employ each month on every plan.

The variety of short videos you can choose from when making videos really helps a lot and simplifies the whole video-making process.

The music library is big enough, so it’s a piece of cake to find the right background music for your videos.

I guess because the library is big, it is not very easy to control the copyrights of all of the music, so sometimes, some of the songs have a copyright issue when you upload on YouTube, but it’s not a big of a deal.

*The Support

From my own experience, I can only say good things about the support. The platform’s support speed is excellent. The help team answers in an average of 5 minutes. The Facebook group and the community are great and you can get tons of help out there. The YouTube channel has a lot of instructional videos and tutorials. These videos are also available within the program interface in the support section.

*The Video Editor

The video editor is divided into 2 parts- storyboard and advanced editor.

It might seem like the platform does not have many features, but that is because most of them are concealed within the advanced editor. This is where you can edit every single part of your video. Move things around, modify the colors, change how everything looks, and change transitions.

Being as good as the platform is, there is for sure a lot of traffic to the website, so sometimes this can lead to slowing down the speed in general when you make videos ( especially when you move from storyboard to the advanced editor ), nevertheless, this is not something to be concerned about.

*The Extra Features

Effects, Stickers, Enhancers, and Shapes are also available on the platform. Stickers are animated video props that you may use in your video. They’re cool, especially for Facebook Ads and Instagram Stories, and most of them look amazing! Although some of them look to be outdated, there are plenty of viable alternatives available.

Final Thoughts

Do I recommend inVideo – the short answer is YES.The platform is one of the best investments that I have made in an online video creation tool for my business!

Creating videos has never been easier.

inVideo has a user-friendly interface and numerous unique video, image, and music options to choose from while creating and editing videos. I especially appreciate that, unlike other similar platforms, the free trial version of this website doesn’t have a date limit. Additionally, they have excellent customer service and great tutorials.

Furthermore, there are several pre-made templates to choose from, making content creation more efficient and fun! Lastly, the text-to-speech option is very time-saving as well.

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