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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Influencer Campaign

So, How To Get The Most Out Of Your Influencer Campaign?

Get The Most Out Of Your Influencer Campaign

So, you wanna use influencer marketing, eh? Well, let me tell you, it’s like navigating a minefield…if the mines were filled with social media algorithms and trendy hashtags. But fear not, my friend!

Good Influencer marketing is not just about reaching out to people with an awful lot of followers on social media and paying them to advertise you. Think about the basis of what you do – who are you targeting and why exactly are these people? Which platforms work well strategically to tell your story or the one of your brand? Or think more deeply about how you can get more out of your influencer marketing efforts.

For example, do you have plans to expand your posts or even put influential people in your traditional marketing activities?

Knowing the basic elements of the influencer strategy will lead the history of your business to be seen by the followers of the person you have chosen. Here are some tips to help you slay your influencer campaign:

It doesn’t matter what you create or sell – the audience you stand in front of is essential. Currently, it is important for many large (and not only) brands to use the services of influencers to reach their target audience.

Traditional ways of advertising, such as magazines, television, and newspapers have been replaced by their digital equivalents – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. End users are no longer passive consumers. More and more people are interested in what their fellow consumers are using.

This has given a huge increase in influencers in recent years – people who test products and services have the expertise and can inspire their followers to make a purchase for a service or product. Of course, word of mouth influence and advertising is not new.

The bottom line is that consumers want recommendations from other people they trust. And this leads to another important conclusion: brands that use the services of influencers see quite good results in their campaigns.

Individual influencers have their own tone and style and working with them requires individual strategies. This requires you to make a number of critical decisions – from creative execution to the type of influencer you want to use. And then there is the human element. Influencers are human beings and these relationships will need to be managed with dexterity. So, start on the right path with a strategic approach that can foster creative performance.

Simple fundamental marketing, but essential for realizing your impact strategy. What audience are you trying to reach and what actions do you want them to take? Once you understand this, you need to understand what makes them act and who they follow on social media. Choosing influential people who can communicate in a way that will lead to the results you want is absolutely necessary for any campaign involving influencers.

Each social platform has its own audience, and its pros and cons. Even their own influencers. Brands need to focus on platforms that match their characteristics in order to reach the intended audience. For example, if your product requires a more detailed explanation and message, it may be a good choice to choose Youtube.

What is the most important part of your Influencer marketing? The answer is – the influencers themselves. But this is a very important moment where most brands fail. Another huge disadvantage is that they spend their budgets on campaigns that do not bring the desired results. That is why it is very important to be super strategic in choosing the person or people you intend to work with.

Based on your goals and strategy, build a plan with influencers you would work with.

Keep in mind the budget you have for the campaign. The prices of influencers will depend on the number of followers and the commitment they collect.

Keep your relationships with people transparent and legal. You need to feel comfortable when dictating the terms of the campaign. Important points are editing, licensing, and copyright.

Do you think these campaigns end after the post is published? In my opinion, the answer is no. Many businesses literally leave money on the table because they do not maximize achievements and do not receive genuine value from influencers. Successfully scaling a campaign means approaching the platform on which the influencer operates. The content of what is published is extremely important.

Once the post has been published and some time has passed, it is good to take advantage and try to boost the post. Don’t be afraid to invest a little money in the post itself.

Influencer content can be used by the brand in subsequent campaigns, as well as in other marketing practices. You can share the content provided by the influential person in your other channels, as well as use their faces and strengths in following campaigns

Influencer marketing is like any other tactic – it cannot be successful if the results are not measured. And once the impact is measured, you will have the opportunity to improve and enhance the graphics.

Don’t be like a sloth, moving at a glacial pace. Keep an eye on those metrics and adjust your strategy as needed.

Constantly monitor options to make your campaigns more effective and optimize them for the numbers you receive. Which influencers are better for your brand? Which calls for action provoked a reaction? Which influencers would you work with again?


In conclusion, influencer marketing can be a tricky business, but with the right strategy and a bit of humor, you can slay your campaign and make it a success. Just remember to set clear goals, choose the right influencers, build relationships, give guidelines, track your progress, use user-generated content, engage with your audience, get creative, stay calm, and celebrate your wins!

I would be interested to hear if you apply some of those tips in your marketing campaigns, and if not, would you try them in the future? Comment below!

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