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Facebook Dating Beware

Hello Folks, I hope you are all doing well! Actually, if you and your loved ones are healthy, I am sure you are well. Everything else is fixable and achievable.

As you can see, my title is not on the positive side, but I would like to grab your attention because it is important and I will tell you why later.

Facebook Dating Beware: What You Need To Know

On September 5, 2019, Facebook launched Facebook Dating, described as “a digital dating product.” In simple words, it is a place where lonely souls can be bound and have an unforgettable lifetime experience together (or not). Well, the words might not be simple, but you get my point.

Hats off to Facebook! The creation of this app/tool, no matter what you call it, follows the natural development of your platform.

Until now, you could have used Facebook to get to know people, as Facebook is great at this; you see people’s thoughts, interests, photos, etc., and you have something to work with, to start. Sometimes only one like is enough to lighten the spark-and the journey begins!

What I am saying is – so far, dating on Facebook was possible without the new dating product. But why not make things a bit more direct-it saves time and it is the right approach on many occasions.

Facebook dating: We are here to date-period!

Facebook has become so strong that one of its main goals should be to serve in different ways. Giving people’s chance to meet the passion of their life is a great way of serving society and saving the world. Because we all know, all we need is love.

Providing this to the end user completely free of charge is the way to go!

In terms of money-I have been using one of the “big players” on the Internet dating stage.

Well, with the passage of time, I can tell you get less and less for free, and this limits your chances of meeting the right person for you. For instance, back in the day, I used to get more free likes. Today, this number has significantly decreased. A few times I had to contact the support and it was a ridiculous experience, but this is a whole different subject that I might make a post about.

Back to Facebook dating -the interface itself is far from good. Many changes have to be made to look better and to give better options, but considering the product is pretty new, we give Facebook credit. What is much more important is for the service to remain completely free of charge and for the end users to be able to do as many likes as possible on daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, you can bet on quality over quantity, but to get to that quality, you need to dig deep and much more than a few photos and a short description. Personally, I like to leave my door open and give a chance to many people—at least to pass the first stage of getting liked (matched). From there, it is a completely different story.

A good number of my matches are with profiles with photos of Asian women, and where I live, we don’t have many Asian people at all. First alert!

Today we have witnessed the rise of an empire: Crypto made some people rich, others not so much. Where there is money and public interest, there will always be room for scams and we all need to be aware!

Behind the mask of a woman I am chatting with, most likely, there is a man on the other side who will try to play with your feelings, use your loneliness, and eventually find your weak spot and benefit from it.

How it goes in my case: they send you a straight-away message with their phone number and a request to add them on WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Then there will be some small talk and they will present themselves as successful businesswomen dealing with crypto. They will show you some fake accounts with lots of Bitcoins in it, claiming those are theirs. Then will try to convince you of a luxury lifestyle, trying to trap you further in their net. I can spot a scam faster than a shark sniffs blood in the ocean, but if you can’t, just ask yourself one question:

I know our readers are great people, but the chance is very, very low. However, there is a strong chance you will get scammed in various ways.

Never share personal data with strangers, ever! I will go further and say, do research on things that even appear legit.

Always apply logic and analytical thinking and think with your upper head:)

Trust your instincts—yes, we all have them; some of us have stronger ones, some weaker ones. If you know how to read them, you can save yourself headaches.

It’s time to wrap things up, people. I am out of Tennessee Whiskey, which means no more fuel to continue writing.

This is my personal experience so far. I repeat, personal. Yours, hopefully, is much better. If yes, drop me a line. Always keep searching for your soul mate. Never give up. Do not follow stereotypes. Be different, and make a difference!

Smile and enjoy life!

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Facebook Dating Beware

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