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Facebook Ads – Welcome to the Jungle

How Easy Is To Use Facebook Ads – Welcome to the Jungle

Today, we would like to share with you our opinion about a Facebook service, in particular: Facebook Ads.

For many users, Facebook Ads have turned to Facebook fails. If your Ad has been rejected then “welcome to the club”.

For starters let us be clear about something: we are well aware that Facebook makes the rules and as customers, we had to follow those rules in order to use their service.

The last few years have been hard (not economically) for the Company since its CEO Mark Zuckerberg was questioned on various topics by the US Congress. After this, the Platform has turned all about policies. Policy after policy and some controversial ones.

Those policies have 3 main tasks :

  1. Protect Facebook’s interest
  2. Protect its user’s interest
  3. Protect all people’s interests (at least this is how it’s supposed to be)

Talking about policies important questions pop up: who and how those policies have been applied, and do the policies criteria have been met?

Let us paint for you the following real scenario:

You post an Ad to Facebook and after a very short period of time,
your ad is rejected. You receive this “very helpful” message from
the so-called social network (Facebook has turned into much more than a simple social network) :

Policy :

“Ads must not contain deceptive, false, or misleading claims like those relating to the effectiveness or characteristics of a product or service or claims setting unrealistic expectations for users such as misleading health, employment or weight-loss claims”.

Examples :
*Exaggerated claims, tips, or tricks
*Claims of unrealistic results within specific timeframes
*Claims of cures for incurable diseases
*False or misleading claims about product attributes, quality, or functionality
*Setting confusing or misleading expectations for delivery times
*False or misleading claims about return processes
*Promoting claims to change or suppress one’s sexual orientation, or to suppress one’s gender identity

As a customer, you would like to receive a concrete answer why your Ad is declined so eventually you can make the necessary changes (if applicable) and post your Ad.

Throwing at your customers all these possibilities and making them guess (like it is some game) which of the examples is applicable (if any) to his Ad is just not the way to go.

There is no problem following rules this is how society works but those have to be well-written, reasonable, and explained.

Very often an Ad is rejected in a few minutes most likely by some algorithm or even worse by an Agent who makes subjective decisions. This being said points out how important is to hire the right people and look for quality over quantity. Good agents mean quality service and good business.

Time for another question…

The answer is yes or no depending on the case. However, in many cases, you need to spend real time (not 2,3 minutes) to check all the content and then eventually reject an Ad. For this, you need human resources and we are not talking just numbers.

The information given by FB in the example above is so general. For
instance: Exaggerated claims, tips, or tricks

It is very interesting how you can prove this. Do you know how many product effects have been exaggerated? Do you need me to whisper the answer to your ears or you can just take the pills industry?

The truth is in some cases you need experts in various fields and tests to make a conclusion about exaggerated claims. Of course, you don’t have experts you just have Agents who can send a Template and make the job easier for them.

With all these general policies I don’t have to be a lawyer to guess you can find successfully posted Ads not being 100 percent up to the given standards.

The problem is there are tutorials showing you how to do an Ad and it does not have to be that way. Pretty much they are showing you tricks and how to cheat the system and this is not what following policies should be about.

Our position is very simple – okay Facebook you don’t like an Add – no problem it is absolutely your right.
We ask for only one thing – fix your Ads mess and give the specific reason to your user why his Ad is rejected.

We believe users have every right to know the exact reason for rejection and not receive a general email with many possibilities.

Over the Web, you can find many people just asking one question – why my Ad is rejected?

This means there is an issue.

This article’s main purpose is to show this problem and to try to make things better in the future. Facebook is a global leader and we expect quality service, clean and clear rules, intelligent tools to create Ads, and much more.

At the end of the day, both sides (Customers and Platform) have mutual interests and can benefit from a healthy relationship.

Thanks for spending time with us!

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