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Browse the Web Fastly, Securely, and Profitably: Brave Web Browser

Brave Web Browser: Browse the Web Fastly, Securely, and Profitably

Dear Friends,

Aren’t you tired of the monotone web browsing provided by your usual web browser? Is your experience surfing the web fast enough? Is it safe, or private? How do you like all the ads you are “eating” on daily basis?

Even, if you are very happy with your current browser for sure there is always room for improvement. Sticking to one browser simply cuts off your real judgment, since there is no comparison.

At Creativeery we would like to try new things, and experiment. We welcome variety, and we are more than happy to share it with you. That is why today we put on the table another great option for surfing the web called – Brave Web Browser.

The countdown for your start using Brave browser starts now with a quick fact from Wikipedia. Creating a great product from scratch is not impossible, but it is very hard. Chances are higher and in your favor if you already know the field. This is exactly the case for Brave creators Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. The first one is associated with JavaScript and Mozilla Corporation.

  1. Privacy and Security

Some 20 years ago those weren’t an issue simply because people did not know /or care/ how their data is being: used, stored, and kept safe. The Internet was not so well-developed, but today is a different story – Internet Business is booming, the virtual space advances fast, and with this the risks too. Privacy and Security have turned into delicate subjects, and many people seek better protection. In this fight, you have a strong ally called Brave Shields which protects you by:

  • Blocking most ads and the trackers that come with them
  • Throwing away cookies other than the ones from the sites you actually visit
  • Making your browser harder to recognize and follow without cookies
  • Upgrading you to secure connections whenever sites support them
  • Blocking malicious code and malicious sites — like ones that try to use your computer to mine cryptocurrencies.

2. Speed

Brave browser creators claim it is faster than Chrome. We find it if not faster for sure not slower, not bad right?

3. Brave Rewards

The game has changed, for the better. So far it was pretty much like that – you are a business, you advertise, and you pay in order to show your ads to targeted audiences. After that you keep your fingers crossed for profits.

Now, even the potential customer can make money without spending a dime. All you need to do is open some ads and BAT /Basic Attention Token/ will be added to your account. Later on, when you reach the limit you can cash out those tokens, or you can just throw them away easily in the direction of your favorite content creators in order to support them. Of course, you won’t get rich doing this but on the other hand, any number above 0 is better.

If you think it is not worth it, or you just don’t feel like doing it, no problem there is a simple way to stop those ads and surf like the Free Willy 🐳. We are well aware that there are certain sites where you can make some money watching ads, videos, etc. But how about doing this directly on your browser and without spending extra time, all you need to do is open the ad, no need to read it, watch it, and so on. Open/ Close – simple and effective enough.

4. Brave Looks

We love it! The Brave page looks awesome because of the cool background photos constantly changing. No boring experience is allowed here! Besides the looks, we find it very well organized. You have a quick Customize menu, and you can easily choose the information shown on the page. If you need to dig deep and set more options you have all the tools necessary to do so in the browser settings.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase it we can catch excellence and perfection. This being said we have our remarks to the browser. The biggest one is there are only 6 quick shortcuts for your favorite websites. You can add some extra through the bookmarks and those will appear on top of your quick shortcuts. But still, we hope this will be fixed, and we will be able to enjoy expanded space for our preferred sites.

Thanks for reading, stay safe!

Browse the Web Fastly, Securely, and Profitably: Brave Web Browser

Browse the Web Fastly, Securely, and Profitably: Brave Web Browser

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