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Beebex – the different social network

Beebex is currently considered one of the net’s most remarkable success stories. The new network is the most popular stop for internet users that have lots of time on their hands to surf and socialize.

Simple but powerful features such as the amount of freedom you have to change your Beebex profile help make the network so versatile. Pimp out your Beebex profile with cool animations, comment box tweaks, and glitter sparkle images.

The versatility of Beebex is that it is more than a social network, Beebex is an amalgamation of everything that social interaction brings. The network is well on its way to becoming the brand name associated with all online social communities. For at least the time being Beebex remains a rapidly expanding community-based site where users meet new friends and hang out online with like-minded people.

As well as making new friends on Beebex you can use the social network to reconnect with old friends and find people you have lost touch with. A good start is to simply put yourself on Beebex and many times your old friends will find you and initiate contact. They may be looking for you at the same time as you are looking for them, so they may find you via your name, hobbies, or a nickname you may use through Beebex searches. When searching for old friends start by trying a search for their full name, if that does not prove fruitful try using nicknames they may have used in the past. Sometimes finding an old friend may not be that easy and you need to start looking into members that have similar hobbies or interests as the person you are looking for. Try browsing through the Beebex profiles in some of these searches and you may get lucky and see a picture of your long lost friend staring you in the face.

The phenomenon that is Beebex is expanding rapidly all the time throughout the world. This means you can not only make friends in your own country but you can connect with Beebex members from many different countries and cultures. You may never meet many of the friends you make on the Beebex if they live around the other side of the world, but Beebex gives you the chance to reach across the globe and make friends internationally.

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