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Elon Musk’s ‘Tesla Bot’ Humanoid Robot

After changing the world of cars with Tesla and revolutionizing space flights with SpaceX, the eccentric billionaire turned his attention to robotics.

Elon Musk told Tesla’s biggest investors that the robots he and his company are working on have “the potential to be more significant than the car business.” According to various sources, robotics will be the most serious focus that Tesla will work on this year.

Optimus Project

Musk’s first robot, part of a project called Optimus, was unveiled last year and quickly became an absolute sensation. Tesla Bot, as it was called, uses the same artificial intelligence systems that Tesla uses in its cars. It will be leveraging the company’s full self-driving computer, its cameras, the factory’s automation routines, and a neural network, which is still in development. The project is still in the prototype phase, but the billionaire promises his new invention will completely change people’s lives.

In general, Humanoid robots were created with the primary goal of doing tedious, repetitive, and dangerous activities that people would rather avoid. This new prototype, according to Musk, will have significant economic ramifications. Given that the machine won’t be too expensive, it will ease the labor deficit.


This Tesla bot’s design is exactly what one would expect it to be. It appears to be a robot. The sort that will most likely turn evil and destroy humanity. Fortunately, the Tesla bot is meant to be overpowered by humans if necessary, owing to Musk’s concern about AI outrunning humans. Isn’t it brilliant?

According to preliminary information, the company’s goal for Tesla Bot is to be the size of an average person with a height of about 175 cm. Tesla Bot will be able to lift loads up to 70 kilograms and move about 8 kilometers in one hour.

Humanoid Robots Future

Musk told shareholders that labor shortages over the past two years, both in the United States and around the world, have accelerated the company’s plans to create a humanoid robot that will first be tested in Tesla’s plants. According to the inventor, the company’s robot will be able to self-train to the outside world. And the Optimus platform, to which all of Musk’s robots will be connected, will allow everyone else to acquire this knowledge or skills once one of the machines learns a new operation.

Until now, all previous efforts to create cost-effective humanoid robots for the mass market have failed. In June, Japanese conglomerate Softbank announced that production of Pepper, a friendly small humanoid, had been halted and would resume only when there will be a real need for robots. The company is adamant that at the moment the possibilities for real use are extremely limited, and the production of robots is unreasonably expensive.

Many companies and specialists in the field are skeptical about Musk’s project and the future of humanoid robots. Accel Robotics software engineer Filip Piekniewski wrote on social media that “anyone who thinks Tesla will be able to build a working humanoid robot lives in an alternative reality.”

In conclusion

The robotization of a number of processes is already a fact. According to the International Robotics Association globally, there are 126 robots for every 10,000 employees, and by 2025, the number of artificial intelligence that will work side by side with humans will jump at least twice.

Musk’s new focus on robotics may disappoint most Tesla fans after it became clear that the company will not introduce new car models this year, or develop new versions of the existing range. As the world debates whether this time Elon Musk has set himself an impossible task, the eccentric inventor embarks on a mission whose success can radically change the course of human history.

What are your thoughts on Elon Musk’s humanoid robot? Can you figure out how much it will cost? Do you think it’ll be worth the wait? Is it possible for us to command a sentient, super-intelligent AI robot? Finally, I’ll advise, “Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.”

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