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Getting the most out of TikTok Advertising

Unlike sites like Facebook or Twitter, TikTok users often base their content on trends and memes. It can change quickly – what is popular one week is not necessarily hot the next – and the key is to jump on the trend as soon as possible. While the original content is appreciated, the reaction content is also highly rewarded. Here are some of the different types of content you could consider for your TikTok marketing.

Hashtag challenges

Hashtag challenges are specific tasks that are set by one user, and other TikTok users are encouraged to try them out and publish the result using the associated hashtag. Every user can try and create a challenge, although whether they join or not – it is not certain that the tag will develop.

When brands pay for hashtag challenges, their tags are promoted for several days and are usually accompanied by a microsite where consumers can purchase the brand’s products within TikTok.

If there is a popular challenge that suits your brand or product, this can be a great opportunity to jump on the bar and try to get some feedback. Don’t forget to watch other videos using the hashtag to feel the different ways they can be included.

Reusing and creating sounds

Much of TikTok is the use of “sounds” to accompany videos. This may include excerpts from songs, speeches, television dialogue or movies, or comments from a random user. The ingenious part is that once the audio is used in a video, it is saved in TikTok and can then be reused by other creators.

Dance Challenges

Given the popularity of music on TikTok, the dance challenges seem incredible. They spread when one creator dances to a particular song and others recreate it. The dance itself can be complex or it can be complex – or both.

Duets and effects

TikTok has a wide range of filters and special effects that users can present in their videos.

Duets are a popular style that allows users to shoot a video and record an accompanying video with a friend.

Duets are often used when other users try to repeat something that the original TikTok user did, such as cooking or otherwise. Or it can act as a fun or creative version of the original video.

Discover what is best for you

If none of these features and formats suit your business, you can always browse the app to see what else is popular and sign in after seeing the formats, sounds or hashtags you like.

Because TikTok is such a place for creativity, there are countless possibilities when it comes to marketing there. And because the best way to create ads in TicTok is still not entirely clear – especially for brands with smaller marketing budgets – there is no better time to start experimenting and testing something that can work.

We hope we have given you a useful overview of the development of the platform and the opportunities it offers. If you are interested in the topic, keep following our blog for many more articles to learn more about TikTok, how it works and how to use it for your business purposes.

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