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Facebook encourages its users to share their data

Facebook has launched a campaign urging users of its apps to allow them to share their data with advertisers. According to Facebook, this is vital especially for small businesses, and in addition the so-called. Custom ads based on user interest are also better for the people who see them. It all seems like the most altruistic campaign ever done on the Internet, only it’s actually related to Apple’s plans to give more security in the hands of their users, which is likely to hit Facebook’s business hard.

Zuckerberg’s campaign includes a special section on their site called “Support Small Business,” as well as a promotional video for television, shared on YouTube, titled “Good Ideas Worth Discovering.” The video, by the way, has the option to comment off and currently has 39 likes and over 1000 thumbs down.

The shares of the social network, which includes not only Facebook and Messenger, but also WhatsApp and Instagram, are actually related to Apple’s intention to give more control to consumers, who will be able to decide whether to share their data with advertisers. Facebook or not.

This will happen with the current version 14 of iOS, which will force the creators of all applications to directly ask users whether they want to take advantage of the option to share their data in order to “better experience with ads” or not. This is expected to seriously hit the business of Facebook, which relies on this data collection for better ad positioning.

The battle focuses on a unique device identifier on every iPhone and iPad called the IDFA. Companies that sell mobile advertisements, including Facebook, use this ID to help target ads and estimate their effectiveness.

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