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New Microsoft ad pitches Surface against Apple’s MacBook

Microsoft has a long tradition in its advertising policy, which includes a direct comparison of their products with those of Apple. Today we have a recent example of Microsoft confronting the MacBook pro with its Surface Pro 7, but things look more and more silly.

The YouTube video “Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The Better Choice” attempts to frame Microsoft’s tablet as a suitable productivity competitor to Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup. The 30-second ad spot sticks to a few talking points that the Surface seemingly excels at, rather than a more in-depth analysis.

In the ad, Microsoft points to the stylus, its touchscreen display, detachable keyboard, and high performance, which made the Surface Pro 7 “a much better gaming device,” as advantages for its model.

Finally comes the price, which, of course, is also in favor of Surface and is even further reduced due to the campaign.

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