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Precedent: Facebook pays $ 340 to each of Illinois’ 1.6 million users

More than one and a half million Facebook users in the state of Illinois will receive about $ 340 in a lawsuit over the state’s law violation.The reason is that the social network has collected the data of the consumers, without obtaining their prior consent. The judge of the Federal Court of California wrote this Thursday that Facebook has to pay this fee to every single user of the state of Illinois. In this way, the lawsuit was concluded after a full six years of consideration.

“This is money that comes straight from the pocket of Facebook.– said US District Judge James Donato (James Donato). – The violations did not result in monetary losses for the victims. But this real money Facebook will pay them to compensate for the perceived privacy damage that people have suffered. “

Illinois has one of the strictest biometric privacy laws in the nation. The 2008 law mandates that companies collecting such information obtain prior consent from consumers, detail how they’ll use it, and specify how long the information will be kept. The law also allows private citizens, rather than just governmental entities, to file lawsuits over the issue.

The Illinois law allows individuals to sue for up to $5,000 per violation, which, in a state of more than 12 million people, can rapidly add up for technology companies that process information at scale.


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