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Mercedes-Benz has introduced a 56″Hyperscreen

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the 141-centimeter (~ 56 inches) Hyperscreen, which will appear for the first time in a production model with their electric sedan EQS. Hyperscreen is a huge panel with a continuous design, running through the entire front of the electric car, but in fact, not the whole piece is a common display.

The huge Hyperscreen is divided into three displays – one with the tools and important information in front of the driver, one for the infotainment system in the middle and one in front of the passenger in the front right seat. Mercedes-Benz specifies only for the last two screens that they have OLED panels.

Hyperscreen is covered with Gorilla Glass and has two layers that reduce glare and make cleaning easier. A camera and a sensor are used to control the brightness of the screens in relation to the ambient light.

The platform is based on an unnamed 8-core processor, 24 GB of RAM and second-generation MBUX software, which uses artificial intelligence to learn your habits and make your car time more enjoyable. The manufacturer gives an example with a situation in which every Tuesday night on the way home after work you call a certain number. The system will learn this over time and will offer you a direct option to dial the number on the specified day and time. If another person drives the car, such a call proposal will not be made.

Also interesting for the software platform is the lack of layers, which makes navigation in it easier and everything important should be easily accessible.

The only thing that violates the monolithic design are the ventilation openings at both ends, which creates an interesting intertwining of analog elements with digital ones.

The Hyperscreen is expected to debut in the electric premium sedan Mercedes-Benz EQS.

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