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Starting Your Own Blog in 7 Steps

Have you ever thought about transferring your passion into a business? How about starting a Blog? Here are 7 easy steps that will show you how to do it.

More and more people are starting their own blogs. It is important to choose a field of expression in your writing –  Maybe you are passionate about cooking or fashion. Or maybe you just have many great ideas that you know will help others. Starting a blog allows you to share your passion with the world and make money in the process.

Each niche can be monetized in some way – the important thing is to test and find the right way for you and your blog.

So, Let’s start with how do blogers make money?

These are the 7 steps to follow to make money blogging.

  1. Setup your own self-hosted blog.
  2. Start publishing great content.
  3. Build organic traffic to your blog website.
  4. Build a community around your brand.
  5. Start making money by selling ads on your blog.
  6. Make money by selling your own products or services(Online courses or eBooks).
  7. Make money through affiliate marketing.

The best platform to start your blog in my opinion is WordPress using UltaHost ( new tab )

in my experience, UltaHost is the best all-around hosting company for new bloggers in terms of performance and cost.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress

I’m going to show you the steps on how to start a blog on WordPress

1) First, you need to choose your hosting plan

As a beginner, I strongly recommend starting with the Shared Hosting plan

2) Second, you need to choose Your Domain Name

Once you hit the “order” button, you’ll be directed to the order form. The first item on the list is the most important one: your domain name. Take some time to carefully choose your domain name.

Purchasing Your Domain Name will cost you between 10-15$

3) Hosting Plan

Enter Your Hosting Plan Information

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4) Billing Info

After that, you need to fill in your contact information and payment details-A pretty straightforward step.

5) Review Order Details and Submit

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, go through and check all the details of your order to make sure everything is the way you want it.

6) Install Your WordPress

WordPress powers now more than 30% of the entire Internet and is absolutely the best platform for blogging.

7) Log Into Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Once you’ve installed WordPress you will get the info on where to access your WordPress login, your username, and a randomly generated password to sign in (you can change this later).

Your WordPress Admin Dashboard can be found at (TIP: You’ll need to place your domain in the URL, hit enter and you will be led to WordPress login page)

To be honest with you – this is where the difficult part begins – how to monetize and develop your blog. You need to start learning the ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Meanwhile, here you take a look at more great ways of making money online.

Thanks for reading this post. Drop us a line if you have questions or suggestions.

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