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VW showed a prototype of a robot that will recharge our electric cars on demand

This week, Volkswagen Group Components unveiled a prototype mobile robot that could recharge electric cars on-demand in the future. The idea was demonstrated with a concept video a year ago, and today we see a prototype of the robot, which is certainly a distant relative of the R2-D2, reminding us of it, not only as a vision but also sounds.

The VW robot was actually created with the idea of ​​being a fully autonomous solution for recharging electric cars in areas such as underground car parks, its creators explain.

It is envisaged, for example, that when parking an electric car in a public car park, it will be possible to state the need for charging through an application (or directly from the car) to activate a mobile robot. He then attaches a battery to himself, takes it to the vehicle, and automatically connects it to charge.

This is just a first look at the robotic solution for recharging electric vehicles and is just one part of the great ecosystem yet to be built for the cars of the future. The robot doesn’t seem to have an official name, but it has pretty cute eyes.

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