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Customer Support – Key Ingredient for Successful Business

Dear Readers,

Let me begin by saying this – great Customer Service can launch your business to the sky and make a difference from other similar businesses. As for the bad client’s experience, well this is for sure a recipe for failure.

Customer Service is the link between the client and the enterprise. How good the service is determining how satisfied the customer is. A happy customer is more likely to use your service buy other or same product from you again. Even more, a happy “frog”🐸 might spread the word for your quality service/product and this is the most efficient advertisement.

Today, customers have a powerful tool called the Internet. This virtual space offers easy access to information to billions of people around the world. There is plenty of Web Sites where people can review a product or service. And how good your reviews are is essential for your business. Back in the days, people were limited but today they are able to share their opinions freely and this stands for Democracy and freedom of speech, strong values. Mr “King” (the customer) can now be a healthy part of the chain Enterprise – Clients.

As a Company, you should put all your efforts into providing the best customer experience possible. Many Companies these days authorize 3rd Parties (BPO Companies) to represent them. There are many reasons for this – financial, on paper the BPO companies are specialized in the field of customer support and should know what they are doing, etc.

It happens that I know a thing or two and I can assure you – it is crucial that you deal yourself with your customers. Managing your business from A to Z on your own provides a lot of benefits. This way :

  1. You learn about good and bad practices directly from the source and you can use those to improve your business
  2. You can put all your heart in the process which is hard to expect from a 3rd party
  3. The BPO Companies very often are limited in their rights and requesting authorization very often slow the process
  4. Who better than you know the product/service you are offering

Don’t get me wrong there is a good number of BPO Companies doing a great job. I just find it much better for a Company to run itself the “main artery” of their business – the customer support.

After all, what is good customer support? Different sectors have their own particularities with required actions/behaviors and standards. This being said I will still put a few important main ingredients to the mix “great customer support”.

First Speed. How fast a customer is served and case resolved, is definitely important. Time is precious and most people reaching to a representative are impatient and need fast solutions.

Second Efficacy. Did you help the customer? If yes, great👌, if not learn how to do it😾

Third – try to establish a bond with the Customer. Don’t reply as a robot there is nothing better than a sincere human relationship. The way you present the information is very important, customers and good Agents can feel the positive or negative energy. The smallest things matter and show who you are as a Company and your Corporate Culture. Soft Skills play a huge role and using those gives you a clear advantage.

These are some interesting points to think about. Of course, much more can be written on the subject but we prefer to keep it simple and short.

One very important thing – always look and fight for your rights as a customer, share your opinion it helps both the companies and the people.

Thank you for being with us 🙏

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