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Samsung The Frame – a hybrid between TV and painting art

As soon as I’ve seen The Frame I sent a picture of it to some friends of mine and two of them asked “It’s great, where is it from?”. Yes, they thought it was a framed picture on a tripod, and I had become a connoisseur of Michelangelo’s style.

I start with this short story because it convinced me that Samsung has actually managed to turn such a simple and standard piece of technological equipment in our home into a skillful imitator of a piece of art. The Frame is actually the name of one of the TVs in the so-called company’s lifestyle series, which also includes The Serif and the revolving The Sero. However, The Frame, unlike any other model on the market, has a special mode that puts on its screen a famous or not so famous work from the vast world of art, which gives it meaning and real value, even when you are not using it. intended for watching television. And it’s not just an opportunity to use the big screen as a digital frame, which you would achieve with any other TV. The Frame manages to analyze and rework each digital canvas so that it really looks like it was painted, even when you look at it live and up close – as if you can see the layers and relief of the oil paints.

This content with digitized versions of real works by classical and contemporary artists can actually be found in the Art Store from the menu on the main TV screen. There are various collections presented in a convenient way, you have access to your favorite images, and also The Frame will offer you ones that you think you would like based on the ones used so far.

For this special mode, you should also know that it uses a sensor that measures the brightness of the light in the room. Based on this information, the TV balances the brightness and color warmth of the screen and this is where this natural look of pictures lies.

However, The Frame looks like a work of art not only because of its screen properties, but also physically, with the help of various accessories. As standard, the TV comes with small low legs, but for me it came for a test together with the offered high stand, on which I show it to you in this video.

Plus, you’ve probably been impressed by the bezel around this 55-inch screen. These are also interchangeable accessories that are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can choose exactly how your picture looks. The frames are light and attach easily with magnets to the screen.

As for the stand – the high tripod legs are great, but if I personally had this TV permanently at home, I would hang it on the wall along with other framed photos and pictures. I think the effect of its design then is even more impressive.

For the installation, I will say that The Frame is one of those Samsung TVs, from which only a thin cable comes out, connecting the screen with the so-called One Connect Box. This is, say, the “brain” of the TV, which can be taken out and stored wherever you want, including in a cabinet, because the remote connects to it via Bluetooth. All other peripheral connection cables come out of the black box in question.

The Frame TV

After all, so far it has become clear that The Frame is a modern hybrid between a work of art and a smart TV, or as they say from Samsung – a TV when it is turned on, art – when it is turned off. But let me mention a few words about his role on TV.

It is a 4K QLED model, which is available with a screen diagonal from 43 to 75 “, uses a Quantum Processor 4K processor, is suitable for games with 120 Hz refresh, and is based on the company’s operating system Tizen OS. Tizen OS provides access to the most popular services and applications that you would use on the big screen and there is an online store to install additional content.

The screen is controlled by the new simplified Samsung Smart Remote, in which, by the way, the power button actually sends you to Art Mode and turns the TV into a picture in a second. There is an option to control a lot of things through the Smart Things smartphone app, which brings together all the devices from Samsung’s smart home.

Overall, The Frame is also aimed at people who are looking for more added value from the TV and do not want to just have a large screen to use for 3-4 hours a day.