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Apple is planing to sell Macs with its own chips

The company will pay close attention to its computers next year.
Apple plans to pay close attention to its Mac series computers in 2021. The company has also prepared new, more powerful processors that will compete with Intel’s best chips, Bloomberg reports.
The agency’s sources say that in 2021 Apple will introduce more processors, including much more powerful models. The company is already testing processors with up to 32 cores, and in parallel with them, graphics chips with up to 128 cores are being developed. And while core processors may appear in late 2021, the most powerful graphics chips may remain for 2022.

Apple is also planning a complete overhaul of the Mac range along with the new processors. The first new models can be presented in the spring of 2021. The debut of the most powerful models is expected in the fall. We are also working on a new version of the Mac Pro for 2022, which will be significantly smaller than the current one.

Apple is also considering different combinations of cores in the processors. For example, 16 cores for high performance and 4 for better energy efficiency for laptops. The specific configurations have not yet been determined, and the decision will depend on the tests and production capabilities.

The company has not commented on the Bloomberg publication. Earlier this year, it announced that the transition from Intel’s processors to its own chips would take about two years. However, she promised to continue to provide support for Intel’s hardware for “years to come.”

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