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Ukraine – true story – lessons learned – don’t commit same mistake

Dear readers,

Thank you for being with us again!

Today, I will share with you the honest story of a good friend of mine.

The story which happened recently is about the good, the bad and it’s main purpose is protecting other people not falling in a particular trap.

Firstable, I would like to say that Ukraine is a beautiful country with a lot of potential. If you have never been there we strongly recommend visiting the cities of Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv. I will not go in deep “why” visit those cities since this is not the purpose of this post. Just take my word for it and you won’t regret it. And yes I still recommend Ukraine despite what happened because I know it could of being avoided.

My friend is experienced Ukraine traveller so far he has been there 4 times total. The first 3 times he had a great time and everything went smooth. He met many new people, learned a lot of positive things and had fun.

On the 4th time he got careless and he ended up in a hospital with 3 fractures broken leg. What did happen to mon ami?

Well, to put it simple – he dated the wrong ladies (they are far from ladies but calling them less is not who my friend is). He met them on a dating website and signs that something’s wrong were there. It’s just that Mr.O (this is the first letter of my friends name) was too adventurous.

What were the signs:

  1. Account without picture.
  2. Far from completed – made fast with one purpose – looking for a victim.
  3. When Mr.O asked for picture – they have sended him one with very bad quality.
  4. The way the communication went.

Having in mind those sings Mr.O should never met these criminals at first place. Well, he did and this was the first step falling in this well organised scheme.

If any of those sings happen to you this should ring a bell! When I say how the communication went – this means how you felt about – the most important thing is always to trust your gut.

The other big mistake of Mr.O agreeing to meet for first time the “lady” from the site and her girlfriend late at night (the women stated they worked late and there is no other time they can meet) when there is no people in his case on a beach. Ask yourself what kind of normal person, one with good intentions, especially a woman (even if they are 2) will meet with a male who they just met in a dating site? The answer is easy – no healthy thinking woman will do this unless they have other plans for the night.

It is around 11 o’clock in the evening Mr.O is waiting for the “ladies”… they finally show up both dressed very hot and with a lot of makeup. Mr.O is a smart guy but at this moment he no longer uses his brain, other parts of his men’s body and desires are pulling him straight in the trap.

At the next moment he is on the beach talking with them. The women face’s and every person face never lie! Even with all the makeup you can still tell based on their faces these are no good people. In the conversation one of the women says this is not her name maybe she want to give a sign to Mr.O something is wrong maybe the women were used/made by men to do this crime, who knows. The other woman moves away 2 times to talk over the phone, another sign Mr.O this time sees and does not like. Why would you move away to talk over the phone unless you hide something.

It is too late! The beach is empty only my friend and the 2 “ladies” are there and in a split moment out of nowhere there are 4 men rushing to the spot where my friend is.

I will not go in details what happens next, it is interesting but too much negative has been written to this very moment I will just tell you the aftermath – Mr.O is robbed and even worse he ends up in a local hospital with badly broken leg.

Never go out at night in Ukraine alone and especially with people you don’t know. The country’s crime rates are high mostly because of the bad economical situation. This could happen everywhere but chances of happening are high in certain countries than others. Try avoiding meeting people you don’t know well at non crowded places. If you decide to go out at night and risk it do not take your Passport or big amount of money /cards and best have a simple phone with you not a smart one.

Time for some hope!

In the Hospital our dear friend is operated. He only has Covid-19 insurance which does not cover anything else. The doctors operate him for free, he only pays for the metal used to rebuilt his leg.

The doctors work in horrible conditions – the Hospital is not touched from the Socialisme. The amount of money doctors, nurses, sanitars made is beyond your imagination – it is ridiculously low but they still operated my friend without asking a penny! Thanks to all medical workers!

Always, absolutely always buy health insurance abroad! You never know when, where or how you might need it!

The GOOD people! From the Embassy our friend is connected with a countrymate who lives from a long time in Ukraine. This MAN, this stranger does everything to help our friend – communicate with the doctors, brings him food, takes him on a wheelchair and organise his safe comeback home and mostly helps our friend psychologically.

Always Respect your country mates and be ready to help anyone.

The locals the ones Mr.O shares a room in the Hospital also do their best to help – one offers free transportation to another city in order for Mr.O to take a plane, another one says our friend can stay at their place (and these are not rich people but people with big hearts) until he finds a plane to go home – after operation you can’t walk, just imagine how “easy” to deal with is Mr.O. Other good people give him phone to operate with, bring him food as well.

Good people do exist – believe in them!

At home and with his family help Mr.O is recovering well.

I really, really hope this article will help you stay safe and will show you there is good. As for the bad in this case it could of been prevented, just it was not meant to be.

Thanks for reading!

Keep travelling and stay safe!

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